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Spiral cellars

A real lifestyle choice, no additional ground required, just careful thinking of its location. With the correct design factor and location within your property, the spiral cellar can be a real master piece in your home.

At the design stage; lighting, whether standard or mood can be be incorporated, with clever thinking electric functions can be incorporated withn an av installation.

A watertight, pre-cast cylindrical system that's sunk into the ground. You don't need an existing basement or cellar - we create it for you! It can keep up to 1,900 bottles in perfect storage conditions and since, like a traditional cellar, it relies on the surrounding earth for its insulation, plus an ingenious air-flow system, it requires no power to maintain its constant temperature.

Naturally, these elements require building regulations and approval, but with the right consultation we can bring your ideas to life and make this a reality.

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Bi Fold Doors

When deciding upon your lifestyle journey, light and ease of access is paramount. To enjoy the feeling of space, whether you are opening to another reception room or effectively extending the external space into your home and haven of relaxation. Correctly designed and installed, they allow a natural flooding of light whereas French doors or sliding doors tend to block the effect with rails and vertical elements, howelse can you open to your garden free of any obstructions.

All made of very modern materials such as Laminated (Multi-layer) Timber, Micro-porous Paint Finishes, Special Security Hidden Hinges etc, improved with discreet and modern technology innovations, but retaining Traditional Looks and Appearance.

The change in the global climate is ever-more apparent and it is now universally accepted that something has to be done in order to preserve, and improve, the ecological, social and economic environment in which we live. sourced from properly managed forests and care is taken in the choice of Timber is the most sustainable material for windows. They benefit both society and the environment because modern, high quality, fully factory finished and factory glazed timber windows perform just as well if not better than the best made from other materials.

All of our windows and doors are made only from FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified timber which comes from sustainably-managed forests. Sustainable forests are not simply those which are replenished as they are harvested. This all helps to ensure that we are not damaging the world's forests and that this truly renewable resource will continue, reducing the damaging chemicals that are released into the atmosphere due to production and disposal of other window frame materials.

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Stone Flooring

Natural stone brings a timeless beauty and great sense of permanence to any interior.

It's fire and water resistant and can be fully restored after flooding. No two slabs or tiles are alike, which gives stone flooring an inherent vitality. If you are replacing a floor as part of your project it's the perfect time to consider installation of under floor heating which has become an affordable luxury in recent years. New systems consist of very thin mats, placed directly beneath the flooring material, which means the heating is very responsive. Stone is a good conductor of heat because it has a high thermal mass, it absorbs heat slowly and releases it gradually, avoiding temperature swings.

We can supply a diverse range of over 100 different stone tiles and flooring. The range includes Limestone, Travertine, Slate, Marble, Granite, Basalt, Terracotta, Mosaics, Sandstone and now, Porcelain as well as a diverse range of Stone Bathware in a variety of materials.

We pride ourselves on taking a personal approach with every customer's individual requirements. Stone consultants are always at hand to help achieve the desired look, by talking through colours and textures. Practical considerations are also covered, with sound technical advice given on issues such as creating fashionable wet rooms over underfloor heating, to using correct sealants on your stone.

The correct stone choice will enhance your new area, provide that feeling of space and continuity, the layout of the stone is an important factor too, as to where your eye is drawn. Carefully considered at the design process to dovetail with the lifestyle choices this is the finishing touch to your journey.

Careful consideration has to be given when choosing your desired finish, correct consultation will help us bring your ideas to life.

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Designing a kitchen is very personal; there are many ways in which a kitchen can be designed through a modular system, bespoke or a hybrid of both.

The choice of materials and finishes is vast, from cottage style, shaker style to contemporary and again a mix of all. The choice of finished material enhances your kitchen and it is important to discuss these requirements to make best use of natural and manmade products together with lighting plans, mood lighting and use of space.

When we design your kitchen with you, we think about how you want to feel living in it every day. When creating a truly bespoke kitchen we navigate you through the creative process holding your hand every step of the way. The journey that we go on together involves us getting to know all about you and how you live in your home. The introduction of; lantern lights, by folding doors, enjoying the outdoors and entertaining, all form part of how your kitchen feels and functions. Because we are involved from inception of your lifestyle choice we can bring ideas to the table that other kitchen designers do not. We are a great believer in building to the design and not designing to the build.

They say if you can organize your kitchen you can organize your life! We know that when you imagine your kitchen you imagine every detail, the lighting, the flooring, the appliances, where your favorite things will go and how you will use the space. We understand how every detail needs to be thought about to create that perfect room.

Whether you are seeking an ultra modern or traditionally styled kitchen it is not just about smart units and a fancy worktop, it entails the whole synergy of the lifestyle that suits you, to this end we work closely with you brining your ideas to life to achieve your dream kitchen to ensure we deliver exactly what you want.

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Bathrooms are one of most important rooms in many people's homes and can be unexpectedly expensive. As well as the functional aspects of bathrooms, with showers, bathroom suites, baths and other bathroom accessories, bathrooms are often viewed as places of relaxation after a long day at work. Choosing the right bathroom can be difficult with such a huge range out there to choose from, which is why Design Appeal is there to help you decide on the perfect bathroom accessories, fixture and fittings in order to create your perfect bathroom.

When choosing from the incredible ranges of bathroom suites available, there are several decisions which you need to make in order to make the best choice of bathroom suites for your requirements.

When it comes to design, bathroom suites come in all sorts of styles, shapes and sizes. Whilst this means that you will always find a bathroom suite to match your home's style and décor, it also means that you need to decide on which line of bathroom suites to choose from. But its not just about the bathroom, because we build to the design and not design to the build, sometimes with a little thought a complete new layout can be achieved, incorporating walk in dressers, his and her sinks with mood lighting and wet rooms. With the correct selection of products including man-made, natural and the compatibility of colours a truly inspirational space can be created.

At Design Appeal we advise our clients on all aspects of style, size and cost and offer all kinds of bathroom suites to suite each customers individual requirements which means that whether you opt for a traditional bathroom suite, a more contemporary bathroom suite or for an extra special bathroom we can supply just what you are looking for when choosing your dream bathroom suite.

Bring your ideas to life with the right consultation.

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A unique lifestyle choice;whether used as a room for enjoying meals, entertaining or simply relaxing in, an orangery is incredibly versatile and really does bring the feeling of house and garden into one.

The uses of a semi-glazed room are endless, they can be used as a separate room or form part of a unit including kitchens, games/tv rooms, dining rooms and offices Orangeries create a far more substantial room than a fully glazed conservatory. It far out performs a traditional conservatory with a combination of traditional build, careful engineering and consideration of heat loss, an orangery provides for a comfortable environment.

An ideal use is as a family room, encouraging the modern informal style of family living especially if in close proximity to the kitchen. Alternatively it becomes a glamorous place to entertain, providing a spacious and bright area giving lift, for guests to enjoy the views into the garden, or open up the whole room with bi-folding doors.

A small extension, as an orangery with roof lantern, can give you that large room you've been looking for, by removing the original outside wall to extend a space. So often in the case of smaller kitchen areas, what was once dull and unattractive becomes a light and spacious room.

Ultimately versatile, an Orangery is a prestigious addition to any property, a proper consultation will help us bring your ideas to life.

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Bespoke Furniture

At Design Appeal our focus is always the creation of truly unique and luxurious living environments for our clients to maximise the potential for light and space.

Whether your taste is classical, modernist or something in between we aim to create an ambience in your home that is subtly sumptuous, sophisticated and expertly moderated.

Our interior design service is completely bespoke and we take the time to understand the life that fills your environment, what matters to you, we introduce design details that make living easier, less stressful and more enjoyable.

We align plans for your environment with the way your way of life. We don't impose our ideas, instead preferring to observe what matters to you most, everything from your work day routine to your domestic dreams we ensure we create the space that's perfect for you. The result is a living space that is unique in which you feel immediately at ease.

We can create any fitted or freestanding furniture you may require. Whether you are redesigning your home or business Design Appeal is a one-stop shop for your furniture needs. We supply contemporary furniture to a high quality and use our experience to create beautiful contemporary dining tables and chairs, coffee tables, sofas and loungers.

Because we build to design and not design to the build, all the above elements can be standalone or form part of the jigsaw, enhancing that new bathroom, kitchen, study, dresser and external space.

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Balconies & Porticos

We design, manufacture and supply high quality cast stone products for a very wide range of property types ornamental and restoration applications. Cast Stone, or caststone as it is also sometimes spelt, is an excellent alternative to quarried stone for architectural features and has a number of advantages over it such as price, consistent quality and consistent colour. Cast Stone for housing is very popular, both for new builds and restoration projects.

As well as new-build, cast stone is regularly used on sensitive conservation and refurbishment projects where natural stone is a predominant material. Its use includes the replacement or repair of natural stonework damaged by exposure or neglect.

Cast stone stands alongside natural stone as a building material in appearance and performance, yet it's readily available and can cost up to a third of the price. In many ways, cast stone is far better. It can beat natural stone on strength, moisture penetration, colour and textural consistency. Stratification is never a problem and it's free from imperfections. Cast stone can weather like natural stone and it looks much the same.

For designers concerned with truth to materials, there's another thing that today distinguishes cast stone. Often its colour is the result of choosing an aggregate with the appropriate inherent colour. So the final product can mirror the way natural stones are coloured.

With a dedicated design team, the use of cast stone is a fabulous addition to your enhanced lifestyle, offering, porticos, bespoke porches, balconies, detailed railings, bull-eye detailing around windows, cast copings and cornices, all making you journey more exciting and different to everyone else. All these elements can be incorporated during the design stage, let us help you bring your ideas to life.

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Interior design

An important part of your journey is to consider the interior layout and feel of your lifestyle project. Our dedicated team focus on the creation of a truly unique and luxurious living environment, maximising the potential for light and space.

By developing a positive working relationship with you it allows us to carefully respond to your requirements within the constraints of time, cost and quality to bring your vision to reality, giving you confidence that the project will be successfully completed to your satisfaction. From creating interior design, styling and furniture procurement, our highly qualified team will provide you with all the design expertise during the refurbishment, improvement or extension of your chosen lifestyle project.

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Landscape architecture

Landscaping can be a daunting challenge, but carefully planned with our dedicated team, it can become part of you exciting journey. It is important to be involved at all stages of the garden design process with the same attention to detail whatever your budget. The translation of your requirements into a garden design that exceeds your expectations is a lifestyle must.

Enjoy the feeling of open space, make the most of your outdoors... Bring your ideas to life with confidence.

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Smart Homes

Technology has now found it's way into the fabric of our homes, it is possible to have superior control over your home using specialist control systems. Design Appeal have vast experience in planning and executing such projects.

Using our smart homes technology, you can automate and control a range of features such as:

  • • Home Cinema
  • • Multi-Room Music Systems
  • • Lighting
  • • Telephone and IT
  • • Access Control
  • • Alarms and CCTV

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