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This is the start of your journey.

If you have just moved in, any thoughts of alterations to suit your lifestyle can be daunting, trying to visualise and at the same compliment your home.This is where you need impartial expert advice, to speak to someone who understands building and planning constraints, to help you formulate ideas into reality and bring your ideas to life.

At this stage it is always useful to have photos of your house, an outline of your ideas, no matter about the constructional details, a proposed building budget available, and a list of your identifiable needs, wants and wishes.

The next step is easy, you have decided to embark on an exciting journey, either complete the enquiry form and mail to us or make that phone call and start the process. There is no obligation at this stage our initial meeting with you is free.


Once you have accepted the quotation, we then embark upon the most important phase of the journey.

Consultations can take between 3 and 4 hours, depending upon the complexity of your lifestyle choice will dictate the number of consultations required.

We generally would include the first 2 as part of our package. At the consultation we will help expand and develop your ideas and assess, the viability of your project, including potential overspending. We will help clarify your needs, wants and wishes, advise on the practicality and buildability of your project. Discuss all options along with potential budget costs.

During this stage, having identified needs, wants wishes, we can prioritise, which helps formulate a well thought out design. All too often plans are drawn and commissioned without real and proper thought of how the proposal is dovetailed and reflecting your lifestyle choice.


A full survey of the property s dimensions has to be carried out, this is not a structural survey or house buying survey, this allows us to make a drawing of your existing property.

This enables us to proportion later proposals to scale and meaning when submitted to the relevant planning authority. In addition we do take note of those items that may affect the proposed scheme which shall aid construction later allowing a more accurate costing for the cost planning process.

  • The survey will include in brief;
  • All aspects necessary to complete a proposed planning application. We shall require access to all rooms, cupboards and attached outbuildings to carry out a correct measured survey.
  • Surrounding trees, drainage and services, structural elements.
  • Internal services affected by the new proposals.
  • Should the need arise, we will also execute a full conservation, bat and Tree preservation survey. In some cases an environmental survey may also be required illustrating the impact of the propose scheme upon the existing environment.


At this stage your ideas are really coming to life, because of the in-depth thought and consultation process, a full proposed scheme can be commissioned.

A full set of 2D drawings will be provided illustrating on paper what has been discussed. It is at this point, final tweaks and adjustments can be made, some items are not relevant to a planning application, but the more accurate interpretation of your lifestyle project, makes for a neater application and smoother project.

In addition to the above we also offer full 3D visuals, walkthrough 3D graphics and rendered watercolour images. Whilst these have no bearing on your planning application they may assist you in visulaising your project. Once you are 100% positive about your scheme, we are ready to submit to planning.

Cost Planning

All too often clients engage with an architect without real consideration to their budget, we do not refer to how much you would to spend commissioning a set of drawings, but to the project as a whole.

No matter what size your budget of anticipated spend, it is real added value to know up front how much your lifestyle choices are going to cost you.

Depending upon the complexity of your project we shall provide a budgetary cost analysis of your scheme. This will include the actual build cost together with all the other elements of non build items that form part of your overall spend. Whilst we may not know your exact taste in furnishings, bathroom suites, kitchens and décor etc, we can help you make a judgment to formulate a total anticipated spend.

Armed with a full desired cost plan, you are as ready and prepared as your going to be, lets bring your ideas to life with confidence.

Energy Survey

We provide independent, impartial advice on how to make your home more energy efficient and what role Renewable Energy systems might play in achieving this.

Our advisor will visit you to conduct a thorough, roots-up energy survey on how your home consumes heat and power and its suitability for a range of proven Renewable Energy solutions. We then produce a detailed written report that sets out both the conventional and Renewable Energy options you could use to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of your energy. Our report contains detailed cost: benefit and payback analysis of all our recommendations to help you decide on the best renewable energy options for your home.

Building Control

Building Regulations apply in England & Wales and promote standards for most aspects of a building's construction, energy efficiency in buildings, the needs of all people, including those with disabilities, in accessing and moving around buildings

At this stage, the drawings and scheme have all the relevant building regulation notes applied, real detail is required here, junctions, steelwork, insulation, proposed compositions, structural engineers reports and so on. The full list of approved documents are available on the government planning portal.

Whilst building regulations provide a platform of building standards, it is important to understand any building control will not monitor the quality of the work executed and it is paramount the right project builder is appointed by recommendation.

At this stage the scheme should be firm, planning approved, adjustments to the scheme at this late stage are costly and can delay your application, hence the importance of proper consulation at inception.

Tender Process

Plans approved, building regulations approved, what next?

You may decide to carry on your journey without our assistance, appoint your own building methods and move on.

However, all too often clients go out to quote to a market for which their understanding is tainted with programs and press, an uneasy time, nerve racking and frustrating. Prices start dribbling back, sometimes weeks maybe months have passed and finally when you have received your desired prices, they are so far apart it is difficult to determine who is providing value for money.

Fear not, we can help. we can organize relevant tender packages, go to market with tried and tested contractors, monitor tender returns and adjudicate prices submitted.

Remember you have been provided with a cost plan, this is a great platform to ensure each element has been correctly priced and interpreted, No hidden surprises. peace of mind.

The next stage of consideration is project management, like anything, this is a judgment call made by you, a whole section has been dedicated to the project management of the scheme... remember "quality is never an accident, it's always the result of intelligent thinking"


Great scheme, great build, lifestyle choice made, enjoy the moment

Pre Purchase survey

A pre purchase survey is available on request. This survey does not concern itself with a buyers report or a conditional survey.

Imagine... you're ready to purchase, you know your potential home has potential, but you are uncertain of;

  • what to do, to the property.
  • how much these alterations & rennovations may cost.
  • how this may affect your budget or purchase price.
  • has the property been previuosly extended to its limit?

We can help you with these decisions, a one off consultation will help you make that right choice. Cost of Pre purchase suvey is £500.00

We are a listening consultancy. We believe in a knowledge-based approach starting from first principles. We believe in teamwork and that stakeholder, specialists, contractors, suppliers and end-users are invaluable to project success.

"Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort"
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